Board Member Swims Lake Superior for NSR

Cathy Nagler Swims

NSR board member, Cathy Nagler, is doing it again - to support NSR. August 23, 2015, in the wee hours of early morning Cathy will swim point to point across Lake Superior's West Bay from Lone Point to Red Cliff Point near the Apostle Islands, a distance of 8 miles. 'Well, the water is wide and I couldn't end it with Michigan' Cathy said of her former swim crossing of Lake Michigan near the Straights of Mackinaw in 2013. 'I trained in my Lake Michigan this July so that I'm ready to cross Lake Superior August 23rd."

Cathy Nagler is asking supporters to consider sponsoring her swim with a donation directed to Northern Spirit Radio (NSR), a nonprofit producing syndicated radio programs/podcasts featuring music's relationship with spirituality, peace and social justice. Donations of any size can be made at Follow current updates of Cathy's swim at