Marcus Borg passes

Meeting Jesus Again For the First Time

We mourn the passing of a great contributor to the world of deep thinking with the death of Marcus Borg. I interviewed Marcus Borg back in the summer of 2007, and found him to be not only profound, but personable and generous. He wrote many books, though he is perhaps best known for Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time, a new take on thinking about Jesus that I found personally helpful in my journey. You can listen to my full interview with Marcus Borg here. Thank you, Marcus.


Marcus Borg interview

Another satisfying helping of nutritious food for mind and soul. Just as timely as it was 8 and 80 yrs ago, this program addresses beautifully my ongoing questions regarding Religion, Spirituality and doubt.  

Mr. Borgs spirit must be smiling from wherever it now resides as at having done this interview and that his work lives on.

Another fine job Mark, serving as the medium between us and such intelligent and important  thought.