Our goal for 2016 - $12,000 - you can help now!

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We sent out the 2016 fund-raising letter the end of November, and lots of support has come in already. But maybe you've been waiting for this message to unleash your contribution to help us meet our $12,000 budget.

In brief, we've started implementing the plan already - a new computer, hiring production help, getting more stations to carry our shows. You can mail us donations or click on the donate tab and contribute on-line. We have some gift items that we'd like to send you to recognize your support - and to help us publicize NSR.

You can read the whole fund-raising letter HERE, and please remember that we welcome your support of all sorts - comments on Facebook and our website, prayers, suggestions of possible guests, efforts to get your local community radio station to carry our programs - all is appreciated. And you are appreciated.