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I'd like to say thanks for

I'd like to say thanks for both Song of the Soul and Spirit In Action. These are the only talk radio shows I know of where everyday people, the many who happen to not be celebrities, discuss their deep motivations, how they derive meaning from their lives, and the paths that led them to where they are now. I admire the interviewers ability to accent similarities between himself and his guests, while always showing a deep respect for their differences. The conversations produced by such an approach are refreshingly genuine and insightful. Most of all I enjoy my own vicarious meetings with the guests of Song of the Soul, and the inspiration I draw from the guests of Spirit In Action. It is wonderful knowing there are people like this performing such valuable services in both my community and in the world beyond it. Sincerely Rick Lewis

I'm a frequent listener to

I'm a frequent listener to your station and I'm listening to your Sunday morning program. Very enlightened commentary and I love and really, really appreciate the different programming on your station - the variety, I love it, and I love the commentary of the guests and the people. Thanks much. Adam Lorge

Wow ! Big thanks to you Mark

Wow ! Big thanks to you Mark for your Song of the Soul radio archive -- and to the courageous participants who have shared their journeys. I "tuned in" remotely from Madison, and found myself unable to stop -- spent the whole morning steeped in music and inspiration. What a wonderfully authentic program ! May the work you are doing bring beauty back to you thousand fold :-) Andrew Wilke

Mark, this program is

Mark, this program is completely unique. You are doing great work in spreading the spirit. Thank you. Liz Hill, Berkeley, CA

Mark, I haven't listened to

Mark, I haven't listened to radio with any regularity since high school, but your programs might bring me back. Besides the topics themselves, I like the pacing and calmness of your approach. If we're to follow Gandhi in being the change we want to see in the world, listening to your programs regularly can only help. A.L.

Sorry I can't pick up the

Sorry I can't pick up the signal over the air but I'll continue to burn the occassional CD or download whenever I get around to picking up an MP3 player. Anonymous

Wonderful stuff! I've been

Wonderful stuff! I've been enjoying and finding spiritual enrichment since last Fall when I first heard of Song of the Soul. Hearing other people talk of their spiritual journeys and sharing the music of that path is quite enlightening and meaningful, and has been quite eye opening at the immense varieties of music we all find spiritually nourishing which others might find as anxiety producing noise. Mark clearly is a deep listener, able to pull some interesting insights out of people's lives and look at them holistically, finding some hooks and connections that even the interviewee perhaps was not aware of. I'm definitely a fan, and not just because I was featured on a show. I very much appreciate Mark's generosity of spirit and his amazing ability to edit more than an hour's conversation and music into an hourlong format while remaining true to the person being interviewed. I'm hooked! David Huber

Thanks Mark for your

Thanks Mark for your significant contribution to WHYS, something I've been waiting for 30 yrs to come to Eau Claire!!! It's a soul felt treat to tune in a station in town that normally i'd only stumble across in Madison or the Twin Cities..... and to hear music and programming that transcends the usual fare.... (<: damian obrien

I listened to the show. I

I listened to the show. I will have to start listening on a regular basis!! I enjoyed the interview as much as the music. Thanks!! Cyndi Bradbury, Music Therapist and Music Director at Plymouth United

Thanks for these shows! They

Thanks for these shows! They provide great food for thought in a way that people of any religious persuasion can really appreciate. We need more of this kind of thing on our airwaves! Preston

Dear Mark, Thank you for all

Dear Mark, Thank you for all your efforts to put vibrant, relevant topics on your radio show. We need more rational talk about these things. Keep on talking, Dear. It's good to have some one who isn't on a right-wing-talk-radio rant. Bonnie Beverstock

A great sight. Informative

A great sight. Informative and entertaining at the same time. A real pleasure. Anonymous

Thanks for the great site. I

Thanks for the great site. I love the variety of music, and hearing how the songs touched people and what they meant to them. A very eye opening experience into many things. Sharon Jensen-Olson

We need more reality shows

We need more reality shows like the interviews that I hear on your radio show. Sharing the way things are in the majority of the real world and not the garbage that is being shoveled into the masses by the money controlled media of today. I've shared your site with many of my friends and will continue to give you my support in reaching out with hope to this troubled world of ours. Thanks Rex Judkins

These programs are thought

These programs are thought provoking and well done. The interviews are truly illuminating! I think these stories should be available all over the country, what can I do to help? Thanks again for the time and effort you have put forth in developing these programs and web site. In peace, David Abazs, Finland, MN

Dear Mark, Very much enjoyed

Dear Mark, Very much enjoyed hearing excerpts from your radio program. It's nice to hear an alternative voice covering people and topics not hear on the mainstream radio. Here in the San Francisco Bay Area the only station that approaches what you are putting on is KPFA and I don't think that it covers the range of material that you do. Regards Peter and Lynne D'Angelo

I am very pleased to see your

I am very pleased to see your spiritual journey going in this direction. May the light of the spirit continue to lead you. Jeffrey Knutson

Computers are so frustrating!

Computers are so frustrating! I have speakers that I rarely turn on. So I had to turn them on to try and listen, but all I get are clicks. Maybe I am doing something wrong? I went down to the little speaker icon on windows 2000 and turned on the speakers which I have on my desktop. But its an old computer, and has other problems, a non-working CD drive, so this may be my problem. I must say that I find your interface a little confusing. I don't like the centered menu on the left, I would left justify it. If Programs is the same level as Opportunities, ways to help, Contact us, Comments, and Search, then they should all be the same color or all be underlined or all left indented at the same level or all the same font, or all bold or all italic or the same size something...Jennifer Snow Wolff

I like both the Song of the

I like both the Song of the Soul and the Spirit in Action programs. It's too bad these, especially the second, can't be more widely played and heard. Such smart, compassionate, and wise voices (both guests and host) bring much needed balance to a talk-radio format that is too often sensationalist and extremist, celebrating and promoting the worst of humankind instead of our best. I don't understand the business but I suppose funding is a major obstacle to increasing reach and listenership? Art

I believe that the

I believe that the development of an informed perspective enables communities to fulfill their true potential. Northern Spirit Radio has created multiple media opportunities to Inform, Educate and Entertain spiritualy. Keep up the spirit and God bless. Gabriel from Kenya, Africa

ihave been a longtime

ihave been a longtime listener to both shows. Mostly itune in for the early saturday "repeats" It makes for a contemplative way to begin the weekend. iespecially enjoy "Song of the Soul". On this show Mark seems to really let go of "agenda" and let the guest and music speak for itself. ivalue his gentle prodding to elicit stories and comments from the guests. His great "radio" voice is an asset here too ! iwould like to see Spirit in Action expand it's scope a bit in the format arena. The variety of guests are good, but the line of questioning seems to be along the same lines each time. While it is true that this is the basis for the show......in order to keep my interest iwould prefer something a bit more expansive. Luckily this show has not slid into the the sad-tale to relevation "Oprah" type sentimentality too often. It might be a great show from time to time to elicit comments from a number of guests regarding a specific artist or song...to get varying perspectives. Over all, besides some of the professional feeds on WHYS, Mark's shows bring a beautiful voice attempting to do something different into my ears. Thanks for the good work Mark Kasiewicz

I love the song "Song of the

I love the song "Song of the Soul", and when I saw that this was the theme of one of Mark's shows I immediately selected the most recent program to listen to it. I appreciated the opportunity to hear the interviewees stories of depth which are filled with heart and mind illuminating perspectives. I think there is an audience of listeners throughout this nation of individuals and even communities that value inclusivity in religious and spiritual realms. That most of the programs are available to listen to at any time for those of us who are not in the Eau Claire, WI listening area is an asset, nay a gift of service from Nothern Spirit Radio. Thanks for letting me know about this. I will be sure to let the La Jolla and San Diego Monthly Meetings know about this website. In the light, Jane Blount, Massage Therapist/Dancer from San Diego

Mark's programming speaks to

Mark's programming speaks to my heart. What a gift this station and Mark gives to the Eau Claire community. I thoroughly enjoy the content; a dash of humor, sometimes whimsical banter, yet a depth from a voice that touches my soul. Sandy Unity Christ Center (Rev Sandra McKinney)

I am amazed at the honesty of

I am amazed at the honesty of your guests. The people you interview share such beautiful, heartfelt stories and experiences. I feel like some of them have spoken words right out of my mouth! I am humbled, nurtured, and loved listening to your program. I feel understood, that my stuggle to find peace and grounding in a turbulent world is a struggle that others share. I have found a lot of inspiration listening to this program. And I have also learned to forgive myself and let go of some negative thinking patterns. Thank you so much for all that you do. I look forward every week to hear this program. Thank you for guiding us toward the light, with love and peace. Keep up the amazing work!!! Elizabeth, Eau Claire WI

Good work, I liked the

Good work, I liked the balanced between the music and the interveiw. I listerned to the Music it is very inspiring and the moving stories. I will start listerning on regular basis.I enjoyed the interview as much as the music. keep up the good work. Christine Ambwere, Baltimore, MD

Thanks for the important

Thanks for the important service you're providing, Mark -- not only to your Eau Claire audience, but also to those of us listening via the Internet. And thanks from a broader perspective, too: We in American desperately need to see the re-emergence of the same kind of muscular and assertive "religious Left" (but I repeat myself) that helped end Jim Crow and stop the Vietnam War. That being the case, kudos for your radio shows ... and may the rest of us approach our own citizenship with the same kind of initiative, tough-mindedness and tender-heartedness that you bring to your programs. Dan Nerhaugen

I've listened to 3 programs

I've listened to 3 programs now. I found all to be inspiring. I think Mark is doing a great service to the community by gathering these individuals and groups and letting them speak. I think we need to hear more messages like the ones expressed in these interviews. Eli Gottfried

What greater way to learn

What greater way to learn about our fellow human beings than hearing the songs that inspire them? Music has the power to define and change our lives, and this show has allowed people to share songs that have meaning to them with the rest of Eau Claire. All the more interesting is the spiritual aspect, and learning the different ways that people practice faith and enhance that faith with music. Emma O'Brien

In a world so in need of hope

In a world so in need of hope, it was a joy to discover Northern Spirit Radio. Beautiful, soul-reviving music, interviews with people whose lives inspire, a peaceful search for understanding between disparate viewpoints, Mark Helpsmeet helps us all to find hope in our own lives. Sophia de la Mar

It's always a (rare) pleasure

It's always a (rare) pleasure to hear alternative voices on the radio! Mark's interviews seem to bring out the tender and honest feelings of his remarkable guests. Keep up the good work! Rosemary Coffey, Pittsburgh, PA

This is a remarkable service

This is a remarkable service and truly inspirational by its raw conveyance of honest emotions about the soulful experiences in joy as well as sorrow. I believe you are providing a unique and valuable service that few others can do. Keep up the good work! Clayton Montez

I am so grateful that this

I am so grateful that this program is available online. I would otherwise not be able to hear it. It is so important nowadays to hear "good" news and not the crap the TV produces. I was so happy to hear the work Bonnie Tinker has done and is doing to support and fight for human rights! I could really relate to her realizing she is a lesbian. It certainly is the best thing that has ever happened to me too! Ligeia Smith, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Mark, with such a soft-spoken

Mark, with such a soft-spoken voice, you are a natural radio program host. You are so easy to listen to and you really get your audience intrigued. The topics that you choose to discuss on your programs are necessary in today's society to get people thinking. With programs like yours, you will help to educate the public, which leads to less ignorance, and eventually less discrimination and hate. Love and peace will be that much closer. Thank you for your hard work, Mindy :) Postoff, Toronto, Canada

I've listened to several of

I've listened to several of the NSR programs online. I really appreciate that they are available on the Internet for non-Eau Claire residents. First, I believe that music has so much power to enable us to connect to something greater than ourselves, and I think it's fabulous that you (Mark) had this idea and had the initiative to start it up and keep going. I hope you continue doing this for much longer, since you obviously have a passion/talent for it. Sarah Clinton-McCausland

It is a pleasure to listen

It is a pleasure to listen the programs offered by NSR. I appreciate the diversity in programming and people who have shared their stories. Wow! I am always impressed w/ Mark's ability to bridge the gap between opposing beliefs and to bring out the heart and soul of each person; it is clear that his interviewees feel heard. This station is truly a gift to our community. Bobbi Jo Toy, Director of Porter Place Ministries

This is a refreshing and

This is a refreshing and inspiring radio program. I hope that it will continue to grow and spread. Its what the world needs now, healing and love. Excellent music and interviews.I'm looking forward to much more.I highly commend you on all your hard work and determination to open those hearts and minds to what is possible. I want all my freinds and famly to share in this experince. Keep up the great work! Cindy Judkins, Half Moon Bay, CA

What a unique and uplifting

What a unique and uplifting program! The Song of the Soul program is a treasure and I will definitely be listening to many more of the archived interviews. I love that it is all-inclusive….no matter what your religious background is, or what your beliefs are now, you’ll feel at home here. My thanks to you, Mark, and to your wonderful guests, for sharing their spirit and their joy! Kathleen Judkins, Monona, WI

Northern Spirit Radio's "Song

Northern Spirit Radio's "Song Of The Soul" series is one of the most inspirational and thought-provoking shows, I've listened to -- BEST EVER in the religious genre -- uniquely developed and delivered without preaching or pomposity! Incredible format, fresh in approach and substance. Mark has found a way to touch souls in ways that reflect the diversity of humanity, in the most individual of ways -- through communication with individuals -- yet utilizing mass communication! The intimacy of the interviews combined with the music invites the listener to enter into the private world of the interviewee with a reverance seldom experienced in this time and day. The result is a wonderous experience!!! Thank you, Mark, for this gift........ you have a way of uncovering hidden paths through surprising landscapes of the soul and spirit. Katherine Kocs

Hello Mark~ Always delighted

Hello Mark~ Always delighted to hear your programs on WHYS Radio, “Spirit In Action” especially. Personally enjoy hearing varied stories from people of all walks of life. The stories from your guests have been rich and hopeful. You have a talent for finding active and thoughtful people in and outside our community. Thanks for bringing their voices to the air. Respectfully, Lori Chilefone

Dear Mark, I especially enjoy

Dear Mark, I especially enjoy the Song of the Soul program of your radio station. In this day of constant conflict, intolerance and groups professing to "know the only right way", it is a pleasure to see the diversity of views expressed in Song of the Soul. Spirit is a broad concept and it is interesting to listen to how others path have led them to their present faith. Keep up the good work. In peace, Julie L. Ramos

Hello Mark~ Always delighted

Hello Mark~ Always delighted to hear your programs on WHYS Radio, “Spirit In Action” especially. Personally enjoy hearing varied stories from people of all walks of life. The stories from your guests have been rich and hopeful. You have a talent for finding active and thoughtful people in and outside our community. Thanks for bringing their voices to the air. Respectfully, Lori Chilefone

Hi Mark, As usual, your

Hi Mark, As usual, your programs are of high quality. I especially have enjoyed listening to Song of the Soul on the internet, as we are too far away from the radio waves. Learning how your guests experience their spiritual lives and relationship to music and song is fascinating. Keep up the good work, the singing, the dancing ... with spirit! Carla Peterson

I don't get a chance to hear

I don't get a chance to hear this kind of programming anywhere. Having it available online makes it possible for people like us, living beyond most radio and TV signals, to participate in some way in the many spiritual paths discussed on this program. Peace, Willie Williams, Prairie Farm, WI

There is a real need for this

There is a real need for this service in these times. A voice of compassion and understanding that allows a variety of experiences to be heard and shared. The fact that it is available online to download allows free and unhindered access. Bring this on,Thanks Martin Male - Canberra, Australia

Wow, I had no idea about this

Wow, I had no idea about this until a note from a F/friend encouraged me to check it out, saying it was great. What a wonderful line-up of speakers -- people doing wonderful, inspiring things, generating good news... and I really appreciate the links to the organizations and projects profiled. This is going to be my one-stop-shopping site for linking some of our homeschooling activities to real-life situations and opportunities. A truly horizon-expanding show! Thanks! Kat Griffith

Thank you for providing this

Thank you for providing this program. It is a joy to hear of other's faith journeys and how music has either influenced that path or helped define it. This is one of those valuable programs that helps build understanding among community members. It also can provide insight and possible exploration into the listener's own faith journey. Kim

I'm glad to see a Friend

I'm glad to see a Friend making such good use of radio and other technology for ministry. I look forward to listening to more programs. I have placed a link on our web site's list of Quaker links. -- Tim Seid Associate Dean Earlham School of Religion Richmond, IN esr.earlham.edu

Thank you, Mark, for

Thank you, Mark, for providing this valuable service. It is heart-warming to hear commercial free, special interest free programming geared toward peace and spiritually. Keep up the good work! Yvonne Kuter

Mark, Thanks for the blessing

Mark, Thanks for the blessing of the unique mix of heart opening music and inspiring story that Spirit in Action is. A great balance to the negativity of our world. I can listen and let my heart and mind open and be nurtured. A good motivator to take time to listen on a regular basis especially since I can access the shows whenever I want on my computer while I'm way out of the broadcast range here in St. Paul. Rev. Paul Jacobs


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