Activating Kansas - Laura Dungan & Aaron Fowler


Aaron Fowler

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Aaron Fowler and Laura Dungan

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Aaron Fowler & Laura Dungan are Kansas natives seeking to organize and improve their state, through their work, musical and non-musical. Laura founded Sunflower Community Action and now works for the National People's Action. Aaron worked years with Hope Street Youth Development and now focuses on music, including his Stories To Song project at

All the songs in this program are by performed by Aaron Fowler & Laura Dungan:

This Is My Town   written by Aaron Fowler (and students)
Hardwood   written by Aaron Fowler (and students)
Chores of a Mother   written by Aaron Fowler (and students)
Seed on the Prairie   written by Magpie
Follow the Drinking Gourd   traditional
Bound for Freedom   written by Pat Humphries



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