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Larry Long

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Larry Long

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Larry Long is the kind of great musician who brings musicians together, hence his collaborations known as the American Roots Revue. Studs Terkel called Larry America's Troubadour. With flavors of folk, soul, blues, rock, and Native American music, and as a deeply passionate activist, Larry helps transport hearts and create programs like Elders' Wisdom Children's Song. Larry & the American Roots Revue will be performing on Weds, July 6, 2016, in St Joseph, MN, at the annual Friends General Conference Gathering.

Unless otherwise noted, all the songs in this program are written & performed by Larry Long:

Don’t Stand Still - from Don't Stand Still performed with Tonia Hughes
Well May The World Go - from Well May The World Go wriiten by and with interview from Pete Seeger
Mother’s Song - from Don't Stand Still
Grandma’s Penny Sale - from Run for Freedom, Sweet Thunder
Rich Man’s World - not yet released


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