Annabelle Wood's 2nd Song of the Soul


Annabelle Wood

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Annabella Wood has filled many roles: singer-songwriter, long-haul truck driver, handywoman and cancer survivor. A recent brush with death has focused her ever more firmly on what she loves - music, especially music about her journey to integrity.

All of the songs featured in this program are by Annabella Wood:

Truck Drivin' Mama
Anything for Love
What Happens to Love
River of Tears
That's What Happened


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I'm not a frequent web

I'm not a frequent web listener, so hearing this interview with its six original songs was a special treat. Thanks for presenting it.

Hi Annabela, Your song

Hi Annabela, Your song brought tears to my eyes. You unshakable spirt embody by a very tender heart. That is what made who you are - a very special soul. Thank you for bring.

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