Annie Patterson's Song of the Soul


Annie Patterson

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Annie Patterson is a thorough music lover, maker and sharer. She and her husband, Peter Blood, are the creators of Rise Up Singing, the group singing songbook which has sold over 1 million copies. Annie's CD, Meet Me By The Moonlight, mixes traditional folk songs, ballads and composed songs. Annie has many years experience performing music in coffeehouses, clubs and festivals and with a swing group called Big Nite Out and Girls From Mars. Annie was raised Methodist, but felt, even in her teens, a tug toward the Divine presence available in silence, an attraction that led her to Quakers as an adult.

Annie's Song of the Soul includes the following music, much of it from her CD, Meet Me By The Moonlight:

Rock of Ages   Annie Patterson
Christmas Lullaby   Annie Patterson
Safe from Harm (Fear A'Bhata)   Annie Patterson
The Cruel War   Annie Patterson
Bright Morning Stars   Annie Patterson
The Creation of Ea   Annie Patterson



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