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Ari Herstand

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Ari Herstand

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Ari Herstand is a Midwestern singer/songwriter, soon to be in LA. Much of his studio work is mellow, painting images from an inner palette and, raised as a cultural & religious Jew, Ari provides a new and valuable perspective for many listeners.

Find him also on Facebook, MySpace and iTunes.

All the songs in this program are performed by Ari Herstand:
One Bell
Christian Dear
Itch Inside Your Ear
Last Day



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I feel so very grateful to

I feel so very grateful to Mark for choosing Ari in his Song of the Soul radio podcast! The questions were so very thought provoking. The comments of his long time friendship to Ari's parents, especially his father. Ari's voice sounded fabulous over the computer. Best quality I have heard over the airwaves! I liked it so much that I chose to "share" the link on my facebook page with a note that I hoped they tuned in also! I loved the entry song- "Song of the Soul" You are doing wonderful work, and I feel so very grateful that you are in my world. Shabbat Shalom- Today is Friday- Shabbat begins at sundown tonight!

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