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Barbara Stephan

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Barbara Stephan

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Barbara Stephan loves R&B and Jazz best, but performs powerfully across the musical spectrum. She hales from Millwaukee and teaches music at the Waukesha County Conservatory of Music. With a passion for spirituality, her songs combine beauty, fun and depth with a message.

Barbara's talents also include photography and you'll find some of her amazing pictures of presences in wood on her site and look soon for the calendar of her pictures to be produced by

The following songs are included in Barbara Stephan's Song of the Soul:

Do You Know   Barbara Stephan
Footsteps On The Floor   Barbara Stephan
Not With My Eyes   Barbara Stephan



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Love this interview. Barbara

Love this interview. Barbara and her beautiful spirit and ability to share it as well as her music was a real treat. Thanks so much.

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