Beit Shira/House of Song - Part 1 Jewish Music in America


Howard Shalowitz

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Howard Shalowitz

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Howard Shalowitz is the hazzan (cantor) for Beit Shira Synagogue. His experience with music, both Jewish & non-Jewish, is impressive, including the singing telegram he delivered to the renowned opera star Luciano Pavarotti. He's served as hazzan with several prominent synagogues across the country and beyond. He shares programs on Jewish music widely as part of the Ambassador Program of the Cantors Assembly.

Songs included in this program:

Hashivenu  Choral Music
Ba'Avur David Cantor Yitzhak Meir Helfgot
Sheva B'rachot Cantor Simon Spiro
Cuanda El Rey Nimrod Marla Barugel (Ladino)
Oseh Shalom Bimromav by Nurit Hirsh
Zol Shoyn Kumen Di Ge'ulah Cantor Itzhak Zhrebker



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Mazel Tov on your program and

Mazel Tov on your program and thanks to Cantor Shalowitz for his participation.

I didn't learn this much

I didn't learn this much Jewish history in my 9 years of Hebrew school. Keep up the good work.

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