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Niyonu Spann

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Niyonu Spann

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  Niyonu Spann began leading Beyond Diversity 101 workshops after about 10 years as a diversity workshop facilitator. In this new approach, Niyonu uses mixed modes, song, movement, body work, etc, to move in new directions of growth following knowledge of racism from all sides.  
Among other things, Niyonu makes music with Tribe1.

Music Featured:
I Wish I Knew How/Wade In The Water - Niyonu Spann & FGC Workshop
I Ain't Movin' - Des'ree
Ain't You Got a Right to the Tree of Life - Bill Harley



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What a great job!

Greetings Mark, believe it or not, I just this week took the time to listen to the full interview that you did with me a couple of summers ago. What a great job! It was nice to listen to it with some distance. In addition to learning about my self (in a strange kind of way) I found that you questions reflected a deep understanding of issues of oppression. Couldn't see that so much as I was IN IT. Thank you again for that opportunity Mark. Blessings on your work going forward ~ Niyonu

Revisited feedback

Tomorrow is Niyonu Spann's birthday, and I revisited feedback she gave me after I interviewed her at the FGC Gathering in 2010 about her Beyond Diversity 101 work, equipping people to move forward to a wiser, more loving, future of full mutual embrace. You can listen to the interview here. Given that she and Tribe 1 are finishing up the recording of a new album, I hope to have her on Song of the Soul soon. But here's the comment.

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