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Bonnie Tinker has been an equality activist most of her life, with a special calling to work for the rights of gay and lesbian families. She has spearheaded many initiatives including Love Makes A Family, an organization which supports non-traditional parents and children and seeks to protect their rights, gay or straight. The daughter of a Methodist preacher turned Quaker, Bonnie has Spirit at the heart of her work.

Bonnie jumped into the middle of the debate over Oregon's proposed anti-homosexuality constitutional amendment in 1992, but decided that it was crucial to win over those from "the other side". She eventually got her own talk radio show and learned to make friends of former adversaries using a form of non-violent dialogue.

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Imagine My Surprise - Holly Near
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Doing a short doc. for PSU

Doing a short doc. for PSU Doc. Prod. class about Bonnie and found this useful to learn a bit more about her. Thanks!

Thank you so much for having

Thank you so much for having the forsight to interview Bonnie and the thoughtfulness to make it available at this time of great sorrow. As you must know, she was killed on July 2nd in a bicycle accident, hit by a dump truck, in Virginia while attending Friends General Conference. It is a great comfort to her family and friends to hear her tell her story in this marvellous interview. Thank you again.P

What an amazing interview!

What an amazing interview! Thank you! I may ask to play it at our next Prospect Hill Friends Mtg's "3rd Friday!" so that we'll have time to listen and discuss. I want these local Quakers, most of whom haven't been to FGC or FLGBTQ events to have a chance to experience Bonnie's clear leadings and actions, and her influence on the world.

This interview is a gem

I am a colleague and friend of Bonnie. We have known and worked together since the early 1990's. Together we travelled the country leading the LARA (speech as non violence) workshops. This interview is a gem; It captures Bonnie's spirit and life in a way that is poignant and filled with love. May the spirit of this wonderful woman live on in all who knew her. grace and peace, Cecil Charles Prescod, OCC

Just listened to your

Just listened to your interview with my friend Bonnie Tinker; what a great job you did of asking questions and editing the program. Thank you... it is a fitting memorial to her life.

Bonnie Tinker died last week

Bonnie Tinker died last week while riding a bicycle on the campus of Virginia Tech in Blacksburg. She was attending the annual Gathering of Friends held by Friends General Conference. More information can be found here. I saw her grow through her anger into the loving person you hear in this program, and which she described near the end of this program. She was faithful to her leadings -- the highest compliment one Quaker can pay to another.

I enjoyed the program

After I finally got my computer to play it (seems like the download took longer than I expected it to), I enjoyed the program. The world was diminished when we lost Bonnie and her ministry of advocacy for equal rights due to a tragic accident last week.

Keep up the great programing!

Mark, I'm enjoying the programs I've listened to immensely. Particularly for the program done with Bonnie Tinker, I felt empowered by her description of Quaker values in action. I learn from stories of how people live their lives about as well as from any source. I plan to share these programs with others and look forward to hearing more myself. Keep up the great programing!

Mark, thank you for the

Mark, thank you for the program on Bonnie Tinker. She is a wonderful woman with lots to teach us about how to communicate about lesbian and gay people. I truly admire her work on the radio, talking weekly with right-wing people about her life experience and listening carefully to them about their views and the sources of them. You do a service to the community in bringing such people to our homes and in crafting a lovely hour of music and commentary so that listening appeals to both heart and mind. Thanks again, Virginia

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