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Brian Bethke

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Brian Bethke emerged from 8 years of illness by capturing the vivid stories of his life in song. On his own since the age of 15, his folk/Americana/country style music conveys a powerful journey with powerful, heartfelt music.

All songs included in this Song of the Soul are by Brian Bethke:

The Kiss
Sand Lane
He Cried
Winters So Lonely
Crying Sham


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Wow it is about time Brian

Wow it is about time Brian gets noticed more he is AWESOME!!! He is like my little brother and thanks for having him here!!!

LOVE the Brian Bethke

LOVE the Brian Bethke interview. Brian's style is so origional. Obviously God has plans for Brian and has gifted him with amazing Talent.

hello...ive been a fan and a

hello...ive been a fan and a friend of Brians since the early days...I think its great to hear his story and i was delighted to see you take somuch interest in his music he is a great performer and look forward to seeing more stuff in the future.....psif yall get a chance please take a look at my personal collection of music at thanx

I absolutely enjoyed

I absolutely enjoyed listening to Brian Bethkeā€¯s interview! It was nice getting to hear some Bethke favorites and to hear what they mean from the heart of the artist. Brian has a unique style that is deserving of great things! Thank you for taking the time to share your journey! For His Glory and by His Grace, Nancy

I am very lucky to be the

I am very lucky to be the cousin of such a wonderful musician and I am glad he is letting the world hear his music. Brian's music is very personal and Song of the Soul is a great program that lets artists share the personal story of their songs.

Very nice music!

Very nice music!

Brian Bethke rocks. If you

Brian Bethke rocks. If you have a chance to meet Brian and listen to his origanal music you will quickly become a fan. Brian is a very real person and so is his music. He playes a lot between Eau Claire and Osseo, make sure you check out one of his shows you won't regret it.

Great interview! I have had

Great interview! I have had the pleasure of listening to Brian since he was a young boy and watched his evolution into an amazing artist and man. The interview was very tastefully done and got to the core of what Brian stands for. Great Job both of you!!

I am Brian's mom and his

I am Brian's mom and his music is awesome. I never get sick of listening to it. I am so proud of him. Great interview!!

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