Broken Racers - Chris Moore's Song of the Soul


Chris Moore

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Chris Moore

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Chris Moore is unique singer/songwriter on a very conscious spiritual path, often explored in and through music, currently as part of the trio, Kindling Stone. Chris' journey forward in Spirit has taken him progressively back in musical styles and forms, including music from the Sacred Harp and the Shakers. He's profound, humble, inspiring, and a talented, creative musician.

Chris Moore's Song of the Soul includes the following music:

Song Without The Singing Kindling Stone, written by Chris Moore
Odem Kindling Stone, adapted from the Sacred Harp
Broken Racers Kindling Stone, written by Chris Moore
Down in the Lowly Vale Sister Mildred Barker from Early Shaker Spirituals
Closer Rust Farm, written by Chris Moore and John McGann
I'm On My Journey Home Denson's Sacred Harp Singers from Religion Is A Fortune
Little Children Kindling Stone arrangement of a traditional Shaker tune




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