Bruce Judkins' Song of the Soul


Bruce Judkins

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Bruce Judkins was raised Catholic but didn't really "catch" religion till he was 35. In the meantime he served in the US Air Force, had 2 failed marriages and had serious drinking and drug issues. At 35 he knelt and asked for Jesus to come into his heart, and it changed his life.

Bruce focuses much, perhaps most, of his life around his devotion to Christ. He participates regularly in prison ministry, hosts a regular fellowship group at his home, and engages in very regular Bible Study. Plus, he is my brother and Bruce, I and other members of our extended family regularly discuss - sometimes debate - religious and political issues via e-mail - passionately.


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I was really impressed with

I was really impressed with the show. You guys sound like a couple of old pro's. I enjoyed it very much, good job Mark!

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