Calling Angels


Judy Kass

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Judy Kass

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Judy Kass took a long hiatus from sharing her music with the world, but was reignited in her zeal to share by the loss of almost 300 colleagues on 9/11. Judy's music draws on a deep exploration of our human condition, to find ways to call in angels to assist us.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Buddhism, Non-affiliated, Unitarian Universalist

All songs in this program are written & performed by Judy Kass:

Beyond the Ash & Steel - from Beyond the Ash & Steel
Call in an Angel - from Better Things
Chili Pepper Nights - from Beyond the Ash & Steel
Vastness of Now - from Beyond the Ash & Steel
Take a Lesson - from Better Things
Selfless Deed - from Beyond the Ash & Steel

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