Change Is Gonna Come - Kiya Heartwood's Song of the Soul


Kiya Heartwood

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photo of Kiya Heartwood peering out from within a red hooded sweatshirt

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Kiya Heartwood has an amazing assemblage of musical influences, from folk to hard rock and punk rock, plus her degree in composing. She was with Radio Cafe, then on Arista records with Stealin Horses, and settled into a long spell with Miriam Davidson as Wishing Chair, and CDs & books by Kiya and Meg Barnhouse are available at

Unless otherwise indicated, all the songs in this program are written & performed by Kiya Heartwood:

Bold Swimmer  
Hold On  
Change (Is Gonna Come)  
Water with Narration from The Gaia Psalms written & performed by Kiya Heartwood & Meg Barnhouse
Feeling Good written by Leslie Bricusse & Anthony Newley


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After listening to Meg

After listening to Meg Barnhouse, I was glad to see you hosted Kiya. Very nice voice, the story was not as compelling. With six songs there was less room for exploring her faith. It could also be that it's getting late and I didn't listen as well.

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