Charlie King's Song of the Soul


Charlie King

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Charlie King has been performing music since he was four, eventually finding a home with folk music. A lifelong Roman (or roaming) Catholic, he morphed from a Goldwater supporter in 1964 to an anti-war protester by 1967, and he's been an outspoken voice for peace and justice ever since.

He done a lot of solo performances over the years, but prefers to team up with other musicians, including his wife, Karen Brandow.

All the songs in this program are performed by Charlie King (and often by his wife, Karen Brandow):

Step Into the Holy Circle From Inside Out
You Can’t Buy Me From Higher Ground
Whole World’s Lover From Somebody’s Story
Pour Yourself Out In Love From Puppet Town
If Baboons Can Work It Out From On the Journey
Our Life Is More Than Our Work From Two Good Arms



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