Cornucopia Institute: Organic Foods Watchdog


Mark Kastel

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Mark Kastel is co-founder and senior farm policy analyst for The Cornucopia Institute, a Wisconsin-originated organization serving as a watchdog for "good food" - organics, family farms, environmental and economic justice issues, all around food. With careful research and attention to the oft-missing integrity of our food system, Cornucopia helps plug the holes in our national organic food standards.

Interview transcript available: Interview Transcript


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I love what Cornucopia is doing

I have been organic for about 10year. Went organic due to asthma. I was tired of take all the mediation and decided to find another way to deal with the illness. With in two years I was off all mediation and have not had an attack since. I love what Cornucopia is doing. I hope more people will join the food movement and back the family farmers. Thanks for Spirit In Action. It a wonderful thing.

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