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Bill Staines

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Bill Staines

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After 4 decades, Bill Staines continues to produce some of the best folk music of our times, some well-known like All God's Critters and River, hundreds more less-known. With inspirational, heartfelt, and sometimes just fun themes, Bill's music has reached folk devotees everywhere. Having logged more than 3 million miles while touring, Bill takes his musical gifts virtually everywhere, constantly adding to all the critters in the choir.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Bill Staines:
The Roseville Fair - from The Whistle of the Jay
Child Of Mine - from Going To The West
Crossing The Water - from Going To The West
Old Dogs - from Old Dogs
Ceremony - from Old Dogs
If I Come To Need An Angel - from Beneath Some Lucky Star
River - from Going To The West


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Great voice and songs

Saw him in New Hampshire in 1979! Great voice and songs both!

Delightful program

Bill Staines is one of my old time favorites! Thank you Mark Judkins Helpsmeet for this delightful program.

What a warm soulful voice

Bill Stains' speaking voice is as warm and soothing as his singing voice. I'm pretty sure I saw him at the Commons Coffee House at Cornell U. in the late 70s, then for sure in New Hampshire at about 1984. I was working at Otter Lake Conservation School and would sing the boys to sleep with "River".

Home state music!

Fun to listen to one of NH's own folk musicians.

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