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Cyndi Bradbury

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Cyndi Bradbury has a passion for music that she lives out each weekday in her profession of music therapist, and each weekend as the music director for Plymouth Congregational UCC. Cindy loves animals and the outdoors, being a bit silly and conveying caring through her music.

Raised Methodist and Presbyterian, a job as music director lured her to Plymouth Congregational UCC where she found a warm family with arms wide enough to embrace a mulititude of differences, matching her own wide and accepting beliefs.

All of the Songs in Cyndi's Song of the Soul are performed by her:

Home on the Range
Sunshine on my Shoulder
Danny Boy
Three Little Fishies
All God's Critters
The Fishin' Song (The Crawdad Song)
I Just Want to be a Sheep
It's Not Easy Being Green
Happy Trails


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I am Cyndi's "Episcopalian

I am Cyndi's "Episcopalian sister"...she sent me the link and I very much enjoyed listening to your program, actually learning more about her through your questions and her answers, and enjoyed being entertained by her music. One anecdote about our family that came to my mind while listening involves one of our last family gatherings. Cyndi was playing her guitar and singing the Hank Williams song "I Saw the Light" and our "atheist" brother noticed that one of the bulbs in the dining room light fixture was out so he stood up and tightened the bulb and it lighted and we all rejoiced that Richard finally Saw the Light! You have an interesting concept for your program...making me think about which songs would represent my soul...I've started my list, but unlike Cyndi, would NEVER be asked to sing in public! I'll check back on other programs in the future.

Cyndi is a member of our

Cyndi is a member of our Plymouth family. She has brightened our church with her music. I think we all enjoy singing with her & listening to her. She has what I would call a "sunshine spirit". We are so glad she came to join our family.

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