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Dana Tock

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Dana had a life-changing experience in 1991 when God gave her the first of her Christian songs, after years with secular bands. Since then she's been given more than 100 songs and will have a release concert for her first solo CD, Leap of Faith, on November 17th. Before that she'll perform on October 13-14, 2007 at Eau Claire's Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd.

All the songs in this program are performed by Dana Tock:

Leap of Faith
You Are the Great ‘I am’
My God
We See Life
Make Me Clean
New Life
Spread the Good News


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Mark Al is Dana`s Dad and I

Mark Al is Dana`s Dad and I am her Step Mom and we really enjoy your interview with Dana. We were excite to hear that we could listen to it on line. We been waiting for her new CD coming out. Even though we been hearing the songs she been coming out with we both have are favorite, but we enjoy them all. I am glad you got to interview her on your show. We will keep on listening to radio on line. Keep up the good job with every singer that comes along your way. Dana does have really lovely voice to listen to. Again Thank you for spreading the good news like in Danas song We sincerly wish the messages in her music will touch people heart and draw them near to the lord.

Mark, I have known Dana since

Mark, I have known Dana since I was 15, and now over six years later she is releasing her new cd. I am very excited for her. I have been blessed to know Dana and have her in my life. Throughout my years at our church she has been a wonderful inspiration and a great role model. I have wonderful memories of listening to Dana in her various bands and at church, and I am looking forward to seeing her release her new cd. I am very blessed that God placed Dana in my life and I am very proud of her for following her dreams. Thank you for the wonderful interview and helping Dana on her beautiful journey.

Dana's music and voice are so

Dana's music and voice are so inspirational---thankyou for the wonderful program.

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