Dancing Peace in Cuba & Around the World


Peter D'Angelo
Lynn D'Angelo
Demi Miller
Rosemary Coffey
Sandra Helpsmeet
Mark Helpsmeet
Kathy Lipp-Farr
Barry Beal

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Friendly FolkDancers Cuba

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The Friendly FolkDancers have been "Dancing the World Together" through international folk dance since 1986, and they toured in Cuba in 2010, Rwanda in 2008, Kenya in 1996, and many other place in other years. With a ministry of peace and connection, they've prayed with their full bodies and learned with each step. This program was recorded in Cuba in November 2010.


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I enjoyed this program and

I enjoyed this program and despite the warnings about poor sound, the sound wasn't too bad.

Good job, Mark! Sorry it's

Good job, Mark! Sorry it's taken me so long to get around to listening to it. xxoo, Rosita Coffey

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