David Rovics' Song of the Soul


David Rovics

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photo of David Rovics singing and playing guitar in concert

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David Rovics is a singer/songwriter with a cause - actually many of them. His music takes him wherever there are listeners for his activist selection, with concern for peace, social justice and much, much more.

All of the songs are by David Rovics:

Who Would Jesus Bomb
Life Is Beautiful
All the Ghosts That Walk This Earth
Cannabis Cafe
The Pirate Song
Song the Songbird Sings


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I saw David Rovics perform

I saw David Rovics perform last night at the Whatcom Peace and Justice Center in Bellingham, WA. I was pleased to learn that he had already been a guest on the Song of the Soul show, and I am listening to it now. Thank you, Northern Spirit Radio, for lifting the voice of David, and people like David, to take the progressive and enlightened message of peace and environmental stewardship, among others, to the people.

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