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David Serotkin

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David Serotkin is a singer/songwriter/guitarist/pianist from Richmond, CA. David also has a masters in Consciousness Studies from John F. Kennedy University in Pleasant Hill, California, bringing tremendous insight to his songwriting and to this program.

All the songs in this program are performed by David Serotkin

Not Alone   from Not Alone
Gotta Get Away   from Not Alone
What We Make   from Not Alone
Glowing Moon   from Not Alone
None But This Time   from None But This Time
Into The Night Sky   from None But This Time



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Lovely music!

Lovely music!

Your music is beautiful

Your music is beautiful as well as your word's, i enjoyed listening. To me there is nothing more beautiful then finding yourself spiritually, as i am on my journey now.

I appreciate knowing...

David, I appreciate so much knowing how you came to write these songs. The last song carried the beauty of looking up at the incredible wonder of the night sky even without words.And your quote about being in a joyful state realizing we cannot comprehend the Mystery resonated with me 100%. So eloquently said. It is wonderful that you can share your soul with the world through your creative work. Your gifts bring Light and healing energy to the planet and I am happy to know you are being recognized. Thank you and bless you in all of your inspired creations!

Proud of you

I am so proud of you, David. I shared this radio show with many friends in China and they love it too. We hope that you bring more songs and surprises to us, and God bless you. Teng @ Shenyang, China 05-24-2010

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