Deeper Relationship with Earth - Process & Practice


Eric Maya Joy
Mary Jo Klingel
Mary Conrow Coelho

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When building relationship with Earth, the best advice may be "don't just do something, sit there!", and 3 participants of a weeklong workshop did something like that, sharing their process, experience, and fruits in this program. eric maya joy, Mary Jo Klingel, and Mary Conrow Coelho speak of roots & fruits of a Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) experiment.

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I enjoyed it!

i enjoyed it. i am left a bit loose-ended with a lot of nice sharing about process and our ability to make decisions about right action. i want to help save our habitat. as you know, we are moving past the ability of gaia to maintain balance. if we dont quit burning stuff, yesterday, our own species will be included in some of the mass die-offs when whole areas become uninhabitable. as we speak, highly radioactive sea water is headed around the globe. so, what i want to know, is how can we wake people out of their corporate trance, or otherwise slay the beast? i think what car we drive is part of that. i think how we communicate is part of that too, but i want to go to the 'doing' part. i want to hear discussion on how to change the way we live out lives so we stop burning stuff. aloha, dan

Listening to this wonderful interview

I was listening to this wonderful interview and it stopped in the middle. I couldn't seem to get beyond a certain point. So, I downloaded the MP4 file and that is working OK. It may be just me, but I thought I should to let you know.

Listening was a spiritual experience

Listening to this show was a deeply spiritual experience. Mary Jo followed through with the love she said she'd take back home by sharing this link with all of us in Southeastern Yearly Meeting. I appreciated Mark's gentle, insightful, knowledgeable moderation along with the integrity, loving and open sharing of the panel members. The program did open my heart in unexpected ways, because I've heard much about the environmental crisis that has closed my heart. I listened because Mary Jo was on the panel and I have felt her deep, loving, firm, nonjudgmental commitment to healing the earth. The gentleness, the ways in which pain was addressed, the stories, the influential books, the commitment, the non-dichotomous view and the journey the panel shared about their week together as part of a much wider journey were much of what spoke to me made the difference. I felt the Spirit moving profoundly. Thank you all! I'm glad to be brought back to this show, which I was introduced to at FGC when it was held at Grinell College, Iowa. A voice (voices) of peace in the world. The theme music is a lovely part of it all. I will make a contribution.

I listened to the first few

I listened to the first few minutes this morning, enough to get a sense of how well the live interview (which I had heard at FGC) was edited. Then I wanted to pause the playback so I could get back to reviewing my book in preparation for my interview a little later this morning. But I couldn't find a way to do that. I think a "pause" button would be helpful, if feasible. The sound quality also was excellent. Thanks, Maxine in Canada p.s. Canadian Yearly Meeting is also a part of FGC, so it's not only a US body ; - )

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