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Dhaivyd Hilgendorf

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Dhaivyd Hilgendorf teaches at Friends School of Minnesota, a Quaker school which fits Dhaivyd's inclinations very well. He's made a wide variety of music in a wide variety of places and with a wide variety of musicians.

Songs included in this program:

Breathe Deep Dhaivyd Hilgendorf
Positive Vibration Synergy
Teponaztli Vocal Improv Dhaivyd & Michelle Dunkirk
Earth Our Body Lots of people on the MN State Capitol lawn
Blue Water Straw Coyotes
Gods of Technology Dhaivyd Hilgendorf
Love Song The Melancholy Boys
Grecian Love Tectonics Dhaivyd Hilgendorf



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Mark- Somehow, you managed to

Mark- Somehow, you managed to make me sound articulate and interesting. You've really got the knack of this ability to bring out the Spirit in others. Thank you for giving that gift to the world. Namaste, -Dhaivyd Hilgendorf 9/30/08

Mark, you have a gift for

Mark, you have a gift for segwaying into topics and neatly tying them all together. The interview was interesting and spiritfilled. It was a joy to get a glimpse into Dhaivyd's life and to experience the overlap of his ideals and values which clearly merge into his musical life. Thanks!

Loved it! Of course, as

Loved it! Of course, as Dhaivyd's Mom, My opinion may be a bit biased. Also, I am delighted to have had this occasion to stumble onto your wonderful prograam. I hope to check it out on line again in the future!!! Thanks for inviting Dhaivyd to share a little of his music and his thoughts.

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