Drawing on the Well of Music


Sherry Minnick

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Sherry Minnick

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Sherry Minnick is rich in music, having been a Twin Cities mainstay in the Bluegrass genre, but she has a special passion for old timey songs. And though she's very skillful on the guitar, a capella singing has the deepest appeal for her. She's moving and funny, talented and resourceful, and very personable. She led 2 different diverse youth chorus groups for 17 years, showcasing spiritual music from many sources, including Jewish, Navajo, South African, and much more. Find her on CDBaby and Facebook, or just email Sherry.

All the songs in this program, except Train Going South, are performed by Sherry Minnick
Let the Rest of the World Go By - written by J. Keirn Brennan
Bonnie Bess - written by Wilmer Watts
Train Going South - written by Sherry Minnick, performed by Stoney Lonesome
South African Tune
Calling Me Home - written by Alice Gerrard
Old Bangum - learned from Maggie Hammons
Little Children - Shaker Song
Blessed Quietness - written by Manie P. Ferguson
Awesome Possum - written by Rachel Nelson

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Faithful music, young voice

How nice to hear these songs, and on a weekend when I was singing Hold On! for the 60th wedding anniversary of some faithful elder friends. Also, it was nice to hear the witness of a faithful Christian. It doesn't seem possible, by your ever youthful voice, that you could have been doing this for 40 years. Many Years! Orthodox blessing (usually sung), for future continuing of the same songs, different days.

Really enjoyed

Really enjoyed the interview and the music. I was very fortunate to see my cousin, Sherry, in Wisconsin this summer.

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