Earth Day 2005


Alex & Jillian
Crispin Pierce

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Visit with 3 participants in Eau Claire's Earth Day 2005 celebration. Interviews at Owen Park, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with Alex & Jillian, and later with Crispin Pierce of UW-Eau Claire, Professor of Environmental Public Health.

Music Featured:
Every Part of this Earth - Peaceful Women
Quetico - Claudia Schmidt & Sally Rogers
Power - Holly Near
Rape of the World - Tracy Chapman
Requiem for the Giants - Eileen McGann
Earth Anthem - The Turtles


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New show

I just heard a locally produced show called "spirit in action". It's sunday at 1pm now. I turned my dial over to WHYS after my favorite NPR show "this american life" was over at noon. On the spirit in action show Mark interviewed folks that helped organize this year's Earth Day event in April. He interspersed his professional, personal interviews with a variety of interesting music. I'm not sure how this show will be promoted, but as a non-christian I found it very interesting and not preachy at all. My hope is that folks with all sorts of beliefs feel welcome to listen and provide input to the show.

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