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Jennifer Levenhagen

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Jennifer Levenhagen

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The music of Jennifer Levenhagen stirs deep currents and invites soul rejuvenation. While she’s shared her guitar, piano, violin, and exquisite voice in many settings, including playing bluegrass music, her current calling is to the meditative, rooting, flowing end of the spectrum, as evidenced by her recent release of piano improvisations, Another Sea, and her growing work in what she calls Listening Rooms, a place for personal deepening, reflection, and settling.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:
Catholic, Earth-Based Spirituality, Quaker, Unitarian Universalist 

All the songs in this program are written & performed by Jennifer Levenhagen:
May My Being Be
Most Beautiful Sky
Plant Me in the Earth
One - from Another Sea


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Thank You!

Mark, Thank you so much for such a lovely conversation. Your deep listening and reflections are a gift to me, and your programming is a gift to the broader community. You put me at ease, we had a natural discussion, and you did a great job editing an unscripted conversation into the timeframe of your program. I really look forward to listening to more episodes, learning more musicians, and connecting at that soul level I so highly value. THANK YOU. Jennifer

Beautiful interview of Jennifer

Thank you for this beautiful interview of the compassionate artist, Jennifer Levenhagen!

Jennifer Levenhagen

Thanks so much for sharing Jennifer Levenhagen with us! We thoroughly enjoyed listening to her beautiful music and hearing more about her lovely artistic soul!

Great Interview!

Very cool interview! It's great to hear Jennifer's insights on her songwriting and art!

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