Eco Boogie - Gina Citoli's Song of the Soul


Gina Citoli

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Gina Citoli has a long pedigree singing and writing music. Gina has performed with several groups, including Alchemy VII, but is now typically on her own. She's been popular with those with an organic, holistic point of view, especially those that connect with New Thought and Earth-based spiritualities, as well as consciousness raising groups.

Gina Citoli's special gift to the midwest and beyond is the musical she's created called the Cabaret of Consciousness. She'll be bringing the Cabaret of Consciousness to Eau Claire's Unity Christ Center, sponsored by The Goddess Connection, at 7:30 PM on March 16th, 2010. Find further info via Gina's web site,

All the songs in this program are performed by Gina Citoli:

The Natural Order of Things
Eco Boogie
It All Comes Down To Love
A Thousand Years
These Are The Days


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WOW! Mark, thank you for sharing your gifts through this radio program...VERY WELL DONE!!! I appreciate all you do to promote wellness and love! If you have any more ideas on how we best promote her time here, thanks for letting me know. Are you attending Gina's concert on Tuesday the 16th? Best of bests to you! Jody

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