Ellen Bloom Ninneman's Song of the Soul


Ellen Bloom Ninneman

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Ellen was raised in a conservative part of the Lutheran Church, and she completely embraced her childhood religion. In her 30's she found herself working through guilt and rules to find a spirituality that fit her better. Focusing on the Law of Attraction is fundamental to her spiritual world view now, and her musical preferences speak clearly of her vision.



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great show ellen and mark !

great show ellen and mark ! Also thanks so much for the context and music introductions to Alannis and colors of the wind !

I have known Ellen for 40

I have known Ellen for 40 years. I am the other half of "The Singing Sisters" that she mentioned. I was truly touched, inspired, and overwhelmed by her openness to talk about her spirituality. I too was raised WELS like Ellen, in fact, in the same church and in the same small town, Ripon, WI. I can relate to Ellen's struggle to free herself from the constraints that WELS has put on her life. I have shared many experiences with Ellen in our 40 years but feel that I have really come to know who she is today by listening to her on Song Of The Soul. My struggle has been ongoing due to the fact that I have two children and a husband whom I wanted to at least experience the basis of my belief...that being their is one God and that Jesus Chris IS our Saviour. I do not believe in many other aspects of WELS and that is where my struggle and guilt come from. It is hard to break away from something you lived your whole life believing is right. I admire Ellen, and Bob, for their spirituality and the journey they have taken to reach the point of being content with who they are and what they believe. When I visit them in Eau Claire, I come away feeling at peace...if only for a short time. Ellen, you have given me new inspiration. It is time for me to break away from a religion that does not fit with who I truly am and what I was intended to be. For that, my dear friend, I love you. Thank you for sharing your spirituality with me and the others out there who may be struggling.

Hi ... Im from Monterrey

Hi ... Im from Monterrey Mexico and I want to now if MISS Ellen Ninneman is the same person that was met a long time ago in Tecnologico from Monterrey, because if is true im glad to chat with her. Please ask her and my email is eduardopligo59@hotmail.com . Thanks

It was very interesting

It was very interesting listening to Ellen describe her life struggles and her eventual spirituality that has transformed her into the wonderful person she is today. I met Ellen many, many years ago while attending college and had no idea the struggles she was going through with her religious upbringing and the guilt that came about because of it. I can tell you she had a definite impact on my life and I am a better person today for having known her. Hearing now what she had to go through and how she has survived and become an even stronger person doesn't surprise me one bit. I apologize if I in any way contributed to her struggles as I had no idea what she was going through - she hid it very well. While I only knew her for a short period of time, I am grateful that our paths crossed. The little time I was able to spend with her helped me to fight my own "demons" at the time as well. I wish only the best for her! Her positive beams of light were shining bright even in her worst times. Thanks for sharing your thoughts during this program.

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