Faithful in Dubai - ZEFFeREEN's Song of the Soul



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ZEFFeREEN is a singer/songwriter, originally from India, living in Dubai for the past 16 years. His website proclaims, "Oh! To fill the eyes of orphans with hope... To bring joy to the widow's heart... To steady the hand of the weak... That is why i create music... That is why music was created. Music transforms lives." That's what ZEFFeREEN is about.

All the songs in this program are written & performed by ZEFFeREEN::
Abide with me
The Candle
Only You
Passion & Destiny
The Rhythm of Life



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Thank you Mark for having me.

Thank you Mark for having me. I will share this link with as many people as i can. I wish you well and God bless you.

nice song.

nice song.

I enjoyed the interview with

I enjoyed the interview with ZeffeReen. You allowed him to be honest in his creativity and his origins. His music seems to be inspired from his compassion for the hurting, and each piece having powerful moments which can be interpreted as Holy Spirit activity.

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