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Doug MacKenzie

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Doug MacKenzie

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Doug MacKenzie has a long pedigree - as a jet engine mechanic and as a folk musician. Currently in collaboration with Sue West as Rural Roots Music, they are churning out music at an incredible rate. Because of his brother, Guy MacKenzie, Doug got used to having folks like Bob Dylan, Judy Collins, Dave Van Ronk, and others around the house. After a hiatus of a couple decades, Doug is back doing full-time folk music.

All the songs in this program are performed by Doug MacKenzie (and friends) except for Lullaby:
This Goddamn House - written by Daniel Lefkowitz
Arthur McBride - Traditional Scottish
The Lonesome Death of Francis Clarke - written by Michael Marra
Spanish Flang Dang - Traditional, based on the playing of Elizabeth Cotten
Travelin' Man - written by Pink Anderson
Rocks and Gravel - Traditional, based on Mance Lipscomb's version, here's Doug on Youtube
Don't Hide Your Soul - written by Beth Ray, performed by Sue West & Doug MacKenzie
Lullabye - written & performed by Guy MacKenzie


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What a treat!

I listened to the entire program. What a treat! Killer Scottish brogue, Doug.

Enjoyed this immensely...

Enjoyed this immensely... Hearing Doug's voice, music and stories was a great pleasure. You have the ear to be a successful impressionist Doug. The Scottish accent and "Bob Dylan" made me smile.. :)


GEEZE ! beautiful…. ! ! !

The Man!

Doug's the man!

Talented & under-estimated musician

I listened to a very pleasant broadcast of the interview you had with Doug
McKenzie. I thoroughly enjoyed the balance of song and tale and listened to
it again. This is a talented and under-estimated musician who needs more
coverage, and I thank you for giving him some of that. I am Scottish and live
in rural Perthshire, and with the breeze that's coming through my window and
the distant sounds of wind through trees, the best accompaniment I had to
this was this interview and song. Thank you for that! .

Great interview!

This should go into an archive Doug...great interview.

Better than excellent...

Doug, I have to come back to this but what i heard so far is better than excellent, keep it up and its a pleasure to have you as a friend.

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