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David Tamulevich

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David Tamulevich

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David Tamulevich's life is folk music, in various configurations. He's been performing for more than 40 years with Michael Hough as Mustard's Retreat, been writing songs and performing with a group called The Yellow Room Gang for about 12 years and, on top of that he puts in a full week plus overtime as booking agent & manager services as Tamulevich Artist Management.

Past/current religious/spiritual influences:

Earth-based Spirituality, Episcopalian, Pagan, Unitarian Universalist

Unless otherwise noted, all songs in this program are written & performed by David Tamulevich & Mustard's Retreat:

Part of Me Remembers - from Back to Back
Gather The Family - from The Wind & The Cricket
(Ours Is A) Simple Faith - from Happy New Day, performed with The Yellow Room Gang
Jeremy Brown - from Back To Back
Spinning Round - from A Gathering of Moments
Only Love Knows - from A Gathering of Moments


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