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War Plays Project

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Frances Ford conceived of The War Plays Project, Inc in the period leading up to the US invasion of Iraq, a way to invite people to think of the too-little-thought-of aspects of war. She and the other folks with The War Plays Project have produced a series of short plays going beyond what the mainstream media is willing to consider.

What they've produced so far:

Letters to, Letters from, Letters Never Written
Rachel Corrie, A Life For Others
At War With Women

You can order the 2 DVD set, Vets Speak, calling Frances at 651-793-6437, or by emailing her at Donations are accepted, but not required, for the DVD set.

Music Featured:

When Johnny Came Marching Home - David Rovics
Who Would Jesus Bomb - David Rovics


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I'm listening right now and

I'm listening right now and enjoying the description of how the play about Rachel Cory came to be--the inspiration behind it and also the process. Get the story out, yes! I have wanted to hear more about that. The War Plays Project is well worth hearing about! thanks!

Hey, Mark. Thanks for this

Hey, Mark. Thanks for this interview. Fran makes so many interesting comments about her own experience and what she has been uncovering in her work with the War Plays Project. I also really like the songs you've inserted. Nice job. Blessings, Liz Opp, The Good Raised Up

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