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Gaylord Oppegard

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Gaylord Oppegard served in the military from 1962-1965. But it was not until 2004 and after 30 years as a Methodist, that he took part in his first action opposing war and standing for peace. He is part of a founding group of Veterans for Peace in the Chippewa Valley. 

With retirement, Gaylord has become very active in peace organizing. Located in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, those interested in Veterans for peace may contact him via email or call him at 723-4713. Their next event with be a candlelight vigil to commemorate Veterans Day, 2005, to be held on November 11th, 7 pm, in front of the Federal Building on Barstow Street in Eau Claire.

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Not In My Name - John McCutcheon
Peace Train - Cat Stevens/Yusef Islam
Christmas In The Trenches - Charlie King & Karen Brandow


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Enjoyed listening

I could (and will) spend several evenings listening to your shows Mark. Your ability to get people to speak their minds is very good. I especially liked the interviews with Bethany Jacobson, Gaylord Oppegard, Wix Covey - these people and many others on your list are people who I've gotten to know very recently. Learning about their lives, activism and their convictions brings them even closer in my life and I made discoveries that without your show I likely would never have discovered. Keep up the good work. Your efforts are appreciated. Please keep it up as I know this must be hard work. Peace, -saw-

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