Grace Goes To Prison


Melanie Snyder

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Melanie Snyder

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Melanie G. Snyder is author of Grace Goes To Prison which tells the story of Grace Marie Hamilton's growing and deepening work in Pennsylvania prisons, covering a wide variety of initiatives and programs aimed at reforming, improving and humanizing the lives of prisoners. Melanie also interacts with the legal system in her work as a restorative justice mediator.  
The full name of the book is Grace Goes to Prison: An Inspiring Story of Hope and Humanity and Melanie is currently traveling around the country speaking about both the book and the US prison system.



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How wonderful to have a radio

How wonderful to have a radio program where people like Melanie Snyder can share what they are doing to bring light, peace and justice to our world. Thank you for providing a voice for people who are seeking bring compassion and light to others.

I appreciate what Melanie is

I appreciate what Melanie is doing now to make the work of Grace better known, and also the work that Grace has done.

Enjoyed hearing Melanie

Enjoyed hearing Melanie recount the formation of the book and appreciate Northern Spirit taking the time and energy to support informative and inspirational news.

Melanie, What a wonderful

Melanie, What a wonderful message.....I look forward so much to having you here in Idaho......

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