Healing Justice, Part 1


Melissa Ives
Rachael Shramek

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Treatment Courts

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Reformatories seldom reform, and penitentiary seldom produce penitence, but groom criminals to re-offend. For certain offenders, treatment courts achieve impressive results and save lots of money, bringing bi-partisan support. We visit with the supervisor of Eau Claire's Treatment Courts program, Melissa Ives, and participants of the local Drug, Mental Health, and AIM (Alternatives to the Incarceration of Mothers) Courts - Mike Gumulauskas, Rob Bergeron, and Rachael Shramek. Part 1 of 2, with Melissa & Rachael.  


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The comments of the AIM Court

The comments of the AIM Court particpant Rachel highlights the wisdom and insightfullness of our brothers and sisters who have had run-ins with our legal system. This program gives them a structured way to share their maturity. In all of our attempts to improve social problems we need to hear and sometimes to be led by these courageous spokespersons. In the words of Fr. Greg Boyle "we need to be awed by compassion for the load some people care rather than in judgement of how they carry it". I acknowledge that my high rating of this program reflects my passion for the use of Treatment Courts. Thank you for shining your spotlight on this program that diverts needy people into treatment that works for so many. Their model needs to be adopted by the "Department of Corrections" to deserve that title; presently, this state agency could be more aptly called the Department of Warehousing Those With Diminishing Hope. Thank you Mark.

Awesome, Rachael was hard to

Awesome, Rachael was hard to understand because of the sound quality but the whole thing was well worth listening.

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