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Dawn Ravella

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Dawn Ravella

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Dawn Ravella does amazing and varied work for the healing of the world - restorative justice and prison ministries, food pantries and homeless shelters, education on social justice issues, and on and on. She is currently Director of Mission and Outreach at The Reformed Church of Bronxville, and has served Presbyterian and Catholic churches in similar roles, in addition to her work as a holistic therapist. Dawn is gentle, unstoppable, and inspired.

You can listen to our Song of the Soul interview with her husband, Glen Roethel, here.

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I Have No Hands But Yours - Carol Johnson

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Beautiful and inspiring. In a

Beautiful and inspiring. In a one or two generations, I fully expect "mustard" trees to be growing all over the place. Ooh spicy.

Dawn is the real deal. A

Dawn is the real deal. A genuine, loving soul who puts her faith into action. Proud of her accomplishments, blessed to call her friend.

I am proud to be a friend of

I am proud to be a friend of Dawn. She started this work while at Mount Saint Mary College where I'm a faculty member. We have become friends and still try to steal time together. Dawn is a recipient of The Mount Saint Mary College Distinguished Alumnae Award. You can see why she deserved it.

Listening to your interview

Listening to your interview with Dawn Ravella was very inspiring. It is wonderful to hear wholistic solutions, like education of both the "client" and the "helper". Regarding the discussion regarding the most zip codes that go to prison was very interesting. I would like to note though, that all kinds of crime are committed from every zip code, however, money and postion does keep some criminals out of prison, or for a shorter duration.

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