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Holly Near

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photo of Holly Near on the cover of her latest CD "Show Up"

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Holly Near has put in more than 4 decades advocating and training for peace and justice through her music. With more than 27 recordings, she has spoken out on a diverse rainbow of issues and provided inspiration and fuel for millions of workers for improving our world....

Holly does more than "just sing" - she enlightens and trains. In addition to concerts, she provides experiences like "Change of Heart: The Art of Activism--A talk with song" and her "Demystifying Activism" workshop. You can find her concert schedule at her web site.

Music featured on this program includes the following songs, available at Holly's web site:

I Am Willing
I Ain't Afraid
Hattie & Mattie
Planet Called Home
Foolish Notion


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Great show. I look forward to

Great show. I look forward to arranging a rebroadcast of it on WIDE-LP in Madison.

Interesting to listen to an

Interesting to listen to an interview fromm 2006 and see with hindsight. I go to vigil at the School of Americas every November and recall seeing Holly Near there that year. Thank you for another great show Mark.

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