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Afra Jalabi

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Afra Jalabi

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Afra Jalabi was one of the speakers at Ways of Peace II: Non-violence in the Islamic Tradition. With degrees in anthropology, political science and journalism, and passion for nonviolence, early Islamic history, Quranic exegesis and feminist theory, she's an insightful mind and powerful, compassionate speaker.

This program includes Afra Jalabi's presentation as part of a panel on Theology, Philosophy and History of Non-Violence in Islam and a follow-up phone interview.

Afra was raised in Syria, Germany and Saudi Arabia before immigrating to Canada. She is currently a weekly columnist for the Saudi daily newspaper, Al Yaum, and is a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Law and Religion (Hamline University). She has worked with her uncle, Jawdat Said, on several projects related to Islam and nonviolence. She is a member of the WISE (Women's Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality) Shura Council.


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