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James Schattauer

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James Schattauer has been writing and performing songs since 1979 or even before, and since 1987 has used the moniker Mister Jim for his performances for children and families.

All the songs in this Song of the Soul are by James Schattauer:

Forever Always
The Wonder of it All
Finding Love
So Many Colors
Come and Play
Be The Peace
With Aloha


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I just listened to the

I just listened to the program. It was a moving experience for me. It is rare for me to encounter public venues that readily match up with my music and spirituality. Song of the Soul was like running into a good friend. I want to give you credit and honor for the labor of love you put into doing this important work. Mark, it was a pleasure doing this program with you. I am humbled and honored that you would seek me out for this program. Your heart, mindfulness and stewardship to the the landscape of spiritual learning is deeply evident in your creation of Song of the Soul. Well done! With Heart, James Schattauer www.misterjim.net

I have known James for

I have known James for several years and keep meeting people who know him through their children. He is a bit of an icon for kids in the Twin Cities. He is also a great human being. Blessings to you James! Rock on!

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