Jeremy Kadinger's Song of the Soul


Jeremy Kadinger

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Jeremy Kadinger has a special relationship with music as a Christian DJ. He does weekly music radio shows with WRJF-LP in Menomonie and WHYS-LP in Eau Claire. A member of the Jesus Fellowship of Believers in Menomonie, Jeremy is an energic and devoted disciple, father and husband.


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Mark, Thank you for

Mark, Thank you for introducing us to Northern Spirit Radio. I listened to Jeremy Kadinger's Song of the Soul and enjoyed it thoroughly. His wide knowledge of and experience with music came through clearly, not only in that which he said but also in the songs he selected to play for the listening audience. In the process, I learned about musicians who are new to me, people whose albums I'd like to purchase, like the Five Blind Men of Mississippi or even the one by Johnny Cash with which I wasn't familiar. Your approach to him during the interview was so calm, so respectful, so incisive. I thank you for that. You didn't sound "preachy," but instead drew him out in a way that obviously called out his best. I will be tuning into Northern Spirit Radio often in the future.

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