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Jon Watts

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photo of Jon Watts sitting on the grass on a sunny day, playing guitar and singing

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Jon Watts is a 'Young Friend' - a Quaker in the 18-35 age range - and he's found a passion and a ministry through his music. He graduated from Guilford College a year ago and then spent a year at Pendle Hill Quaker Study Center, a year in which he founded Bull and Mouth Records. Hip Hop and Indie Rock are his preferred musical styles, and George Fox, James Naylor and other Quakers are his homies.

Jon's Song of the Soul includes the following music, all performed by Jon:

Instructions For Us(e)
Friend Speaks My Mind
We Are Lovers of our Lost Earth
There's A Spirit In Iraq
Songs That I've Released
I'm Great


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I listened to Mark's

I listened to Mark's interview with Jon today. I don't know how I missed Jon at the Gathering 2007. What a spirit led and directed young man! His openness is astounding. What an example for young Quaker Friends. His hip-hop and Indie Rock is unobtrusive background music to the verbal messages. So much popular music emphasizes the music and the words are incidental and hard to hear. Jon has a depth and a breadth. He draws from images from his own life experiences with others, from his memories or from reading history and brings them to life, capturing the evolutionary nature and testimonies of early Quakerism with an active and alive imagination, bringing history to life. The song about his relationship with Tom Fox, a recent martyr to the War in Iraq, as a member of a Christian Peacemaker Team really immortalized Tom for me. I really did need to hear the CD, Mark as the wailing in the background brought a realism to the horror and grief of Tom's death. It brought chills to my body. I could really hear that the god in Tom is the god in Jon as his song created that oneness. It was a sensitively done interview as are all of Marks interviews on Northern Spirit Radio.

Thank you so much for the CD

Thank you so much for the CD's and especially for featuring Jonathon on your radio show. It is such a blessing to have this record of his spiritual/musical journey. The show was wonderful, and it was a treat to be there at the recording. Please keep up this important work! Blessings!

I was captivated by Jon's

I was captivated by Jon's journey. He has a *presence* that really connects. What a deep and powerful person -- so *real*! I feel like I know him. It's great to meet new friends through music and a common spiritual connection.

i enjoyed john Watts show we

i enjoyed john Watts show we have played at Guilford a few times we always enjoyed that campus it was so much fun to play there. I enjoy the"city" song exhale love - yes indeed

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