Jonathan Lutz' Song of the Soul


Jonathan Lutz

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Jonathan Lutz is a musician and choir leader of diverse talents and with deep spiritual reflection. Born in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, he's lived in Finland, at Europe's northern rim, for the past 30 years where he's part of a very small Quaker meeting.

Songs included in Jonathan Lutz's Song of the Soul:

John Riley   Pete Seeger
Komm süsser Tod (excerpt)   Gunnar Ericsson's choir
Island (Iceland)   Archipelago Singers
Glad såsom fågeln   Archipelago Singers
Ol' kaunis kesäilta   Archipelago Singers
Jag visste så väl (excerpt)   Patricia Bergroth vocals, Jonathan Lutz on guitar
Oh Susanna   Jonathan & Hannah Lutz
Kristallen (excerpt)   Archipelago Singers
Twinkle, Twinkle   Boy with cerebral palsy on the zitheroo.
View the Rain (excerpt)   Pop Aspirations



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