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Justin Leeson

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Justin Leeson thinks deeply, feels passionately and lives consciously, so you can look forward to some stimulating and challenging music. Bused from his St Louis neighborhood to a primarily white school majorly affected his life, as did his experience in cosmopolitan Houston. Justin has left his Southern Baptist roots far behing and practices as a Pagan currently.

Justin is passionate about healthy and environmentally resposible living, including the dangers of fluoride (you can contact him at FluorideKill AT yahoo.com), garbage incinerators, and Chicken factory farms.

Also see his video, Fluoride Kills.



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This is Rick. I just wanted

This is Rick. I just wanted to let you know that the first show I listened to with Justin Leeson really touched my soul and resonated with me. I could relate alot with his unfortunate "church" experiences and I really agree and respect what he had to say. I loved especially how you guys integrated selected songs that had meaning with what you guys were talking about. That was great! Again it was a powerful show, and I will tune into to other ones for now on. It is inspirating to hear someone with an honest heart and a deep - intelligent thought provoking mind. Blessed be!, Rick from Ames, Iowa

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