Kenzie Joy's Song of the Soul


Kenzie Joy

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A vibrant voice and astonishing songwriting talent are a joy whenever they appear, but all the more wonderful when they appear by the age of 13. Kenzie Joy is a Chippewa Valley singer/songwriter destined for great things.

All the songs in this program by Kenzie Joy:

Missing You
Feelin' Happy
Lost In The Dark
Life Is Good
Fine By Me
First Dance Romance
Tic Tac Toe
Save Me


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Kenzie Joy's Song of the Soul

Listening to Kenzie Joy's beautiful music makes me feel so happy and proud. As her mother I feel bleesed to be a part of her life knowing she is doing what she loves most.

Thoroughly enjoyed the program!

I thoroughly enjoyed the program! The lyrical content and melodies flow so easily from you Kenzie Joy. You do have a song in your soul and please keep sharing!

Loved the music

Loved the music and the interview. Such easy-listening sounds that I found soothing. Kenzie Joy has such a soulful voice beyond her years, wisdom that belies her years. Thanks for featuring her on your show, she is truly destined for great things.

KenzieJoy, it was wonderful

Finally got it to work - I am so glad! KenzieJoy, it was wonderful and I can hardly wait for the release of your CD. You Go, Girl!! Love, Aunt Sue

Such a beautiful voice

Such a beautiful voice and what lovely songs. Kenzie will go far. Thank you for sharing.

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