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Lisa Wildman

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Lisa Wildman

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Lisa Wildman performs kids music with Peanut Butter Jellyfish, folk music with Group W, as well as performing country, opera and symphonic music. She plays flute, guitar and sings, and her current passion is sacred chant. Lisa is accompanied on some of these songs by Brenda Rose Simkin (vocals) and Paul Tinkerhess (banjo).

All the songs in this program are performed by Lisa Wildman (and friends):

Love Makes a Family (the Adoption Song)   Peanut Butter Jellyfish
One of Us   live by Lisa Wildman
Be Still and Know   live by Lisa Wildman & Brenda Rose Simkin
All Shall Be Well   live by Lisa Wildman & Brenda Rose Simkin
Oh Hold Me   live by Lisa Wildman & Brenda Rose Simkin
Dona Nobis Pacem   live by Lisa Wildman & Brenda Rose Simkin
Dear Friends   live by Lisa Wildman & Brenda Rose Simkin
From a Distance   live by Lisa Wildman & Paul Tinkerhess
Grandmother's Riddle   Group W
God Bless America, Cold Beer to Go   Group W
Angel Band   Group W



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Absolutely awesome Lisa! Your

Absolutely awesome Lisa! Your talent and your spirit shine through. I am proud to be your friend and your bandmate.

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